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Under Construction!!!

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

Hello, my name is Mike Engel; I am the owner operator of Engel Manor.


Engel Manor is my affectionate name for my home in Brooklyn Center, MN. Rich people get to name their houses: Taliesin for Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, for instance (actually the primary influence for naming the house) not to mention the James J Hill House or the Alexander Ramsey House (both historic homes very near us in St.Paul, MN). I live here with my wife, Amanda, who does not plan to contribute here herself, but I’m hoping I can convert some of her crafty Pinterest energy into blog posts!

This is a blog about our lives; things we are learning and/or dealing with, things we love, things we don’t love, and some other stuff. The primary reason we are generating content is that we hope you will find it useful, helpful, and/or interesting. Walk with us, laugh with us, maybe even cry with us; but learn from our mistakes and viewpoints, learn from our successes and insights, or just enjoy our content for its own sake.

Thanks for stopping, we hope to serve you again!


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